David Jacob Duke has been drawing all his life. In high-school he attended Windsor Centre for the Creative Arts. There he studied; drawing, printmaking, painting, sculpture, drama, musical theatre, fashion design, and media arts.

During his later years in high-school he opened his own comic book shop called “Dimensional Doorways”. It was short lived, just a year, when he was accepted into Sheridan College for Animation.

After College David worked on a number of small television shows in the animation industry and one feature animation film in Toronto before moving on into graphic and web design.

After a number of years in the industry David decided to go back to school to attain credentials in Graphic Design and returned to Windsor to study at St. Clair College. Shortly after that (1 year later) he began teaching at St. Clair College for six years. Currently he is running his own marketing agency.

David has created illustrations and artwork for a vast clientele. From murals in hospitals, posters for Pepsi, editorial illustrations for Comic Book Resources, and much much more.

He continues to make comics on his own as an independent creator.