From the Pull List: August 15th 2018

Comic Book Review

From the Pull List: August 15th 2018

This weeks books, I’ll review them in the comments after I read them:
  • The Wild Storm #16
  • The Magic Order #3
  • Justice League #6
  • Hunt For Wolverine: Claws Of A Killer #4 (of 4)
  • Gideon Falls #6
  • Batman #53

The Wild Storm #16 was great, I really really love the segments with Backlash. I think the characters have a ton more depth than those that were from before in their original forms.

The Magic Order #3 was awesome. This book is really exceptional, though I wouldn’t suggest it for a younger audience. The characters are so fleshed out and the concepts of how they show and do magic is great. One thing I don’t like is the cliched son that has turned his back on it all and that with this looming crisis his father dies only for him to return as he was exceptional at it.

Justice League #6 was a bit better this time. It was really strong at first but it feels like it is losing steam even though the storyline is growing. Not sure if I will continue after this arch.

Hunt For Wolverine: Claws Of A Killer #4 was a nice wrap up. I really like how they treated Sabretooth in this series. He was really well done. It was my second fav of the 4 Hunt for Wolverine mini series, but I think it ends up in 1st place now. We’ll see as there are more books to complete this build up to the return of Logan.

Gideon Falls #6 was very trippy. I really like the artistic direction during those scenes. The story is coming together where it seems like all the moving pieces are being put into place for some form of confrontation.

Batman #53 was a nice ending to the 12 Angry Men Gotham story. It was a refreshing change of pace. I think they could have focused on more things longer and less on others.

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