From the Pull List: August 29th 2018

Comic Book Review

From the Pull List: August 29th 2018

This weeks books, I’ll review them in the comments after I read them:

  • X-O Manowar #18
  • X-23 #3
  • A Walk Through Hell #4
  • Daredevil Annual #1
  • Jessica Jones – Marvel Digital Original #2
  • Hunt For Wolverine: Dead Ends #1

X-O Manowar #18 This is the end of the flashback story by Matt Kindt that has been going on the past few issues. I really appreciate the depth and history of Aric’s character and I am glad that they are starting to flesh out more characters that surround him. It can only be beneficial for the future of this book, as that is one of the aspects it appears to be lacking. The artwork by Trevor Hairsine is nowhere near as strong as the previous artists on this book. It gets the point across, but I’m not a fan of it.

X-23 #3 This book continues to impress the hell out of me. The artwork is top-notch by Juann Cabal. Simply fantastic, and the story is uncanny by Mariko Tamaki. I never thought I would like the Stepford Cuckoos, but they make awesome creepy villains.

A Walk Through Hell #4 Is quite engaging. While this issue was nowhere near as creepy as the previous issues Garth Ennis takes us further into the past as we learn all about how our characters got to where they were in the preceding investigation. Even breaking the rules to try and put the bad guy behind bars, who at this point seems untouchable. The artwork by Goran Sudzuka is strong. There is some really good storytelling in the layout of the work.

Daredevil Annual #1 Annuals I have to say are 90% absolutely horrible. I don’t know why that is, but the story by Erica Schultz in this one was quite refreshing. The cover is very misleading as they drew Misty Knight with a cybernetic arm, yet the story takes place in the past. It’s a nice detective story that illustrates the point that people without powers and real jobs are capable even though DD helps out a bit. The art by Marcio Takara feels pretty wonky at parts, and is not that strong. It’s almost as if it was rushed, as I’ve seen him do much better work.

Jessica Jones – Marvel Digital Original #2 I was completely blown away by the first issue. The second continues to impress. This massive book (45 Pages) is packed with perfection. The story is absolutely amazing by Kelly Thompson! I’m completely hooked. Though I can already feel this arch coming to a close. I really hope this is not a short run and that it continues on. The artwork is absolutely gorgeous by Mattia de Iulis. Such great composition and structure in the characters and environment!

Hunt For Wolverine: Dead Ends #1 This story was more or less a summary of the 4 books that ran 4 issues in the Hunt for Wolverine, and then the introduction of a new nemesis to the Marvel Universe, Persephone. Is she new? It’s been a long time since I read any of the X-books consistently. Still Charles Soule does a damn good job with keeping the dialogue going and fleshing out the personalities of the characters. I really loved the artwork by Ramon Rosanas! There is a simplicity to it yet very detailed. Quite a refresher from some of the other books with half assed art. Rosanas put in the work and you can tell.

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