From the Pull List: July 11th 2018

Comic Review

From the Pull List: July 11th 2018

This weeks books, I’ll review them in the comments after I read them:

  • X-23 #1
  • Superman #1
  • Amazing Spider-Man #1
  • Daredevil #605
  • The Dead Hand #4
  • Hunt For Wolverine: Adamantium Agenda #3 (of 4)

X-23 #1 well as much as I dislike the little sister aspect as it feels like this is intended for a younger audience the book was not bad. Not bad at all actually! The interior art blew me away. Loved it. They really were able to capture the Stepford Cuckoos in an eerie light.

Superman #1 I really wasn’t going to get this, but I picked up a blank sketch cover. I really disliked the twist from before about some alien that destroyed Krypton rather than it just ending of natural causes. The book was good, not a hell of a lot happened, but the twist at the end about the entire earth being in the Phantom Zone was awesome. I may see how the next few issues play out, but I wasn’t counting on adding it to my reading list.

Amazing Spider-Man #1 was… ah-may-zing! This really helps fill the void after the ending of Invincible. Great story and of course love the art! I feel we are really getting back to the roots of Spidey and all that we love about our underdog! Can’t wait for more.

Daredevil #605 was alright…. I’m glad that’s over with actually. Or at least I hope for now. So the big invasion of ninjas vs. Templar knights is over and we can get back to some street level comics. Really disappointed they they killed off Muse during this. He was the start of a great nemesis. Mind you this is comics so I’m sure he will be back, lets just hope it’s not with some stupid pact with a demon or devil.

The Dead Hand #4 was good as well. Really enjoy this story and how it is unfolding. I wonder how this will play out with the daughter in the room at the end. How will it react to her?

Hunt For Wolverine: Adamantium Agenda #3 (of 4) Adamantium Agenda 3 was decent. I really can’t say much as it is not as strong as the DD book like this, but not as weak as the Storm one. Just following along to see how this plays out even though this is just a filler book for sales about an event.

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