From the Pull List: July 4th 2018

Comic Review

From the Pull List: July 4th 2018

This weeks books, I’ll review them in the comments after I read them:

  • Red Winter
  • Justice League #3
  • BatMan #50
  • Project Superpowers #0
  • Hunt For Wolverine: Weapon Lost #3 (of 4)

Red Winter #1 was a Kickstarter comic I backed. This is the first one I have ever backed and I’ve been considering backing more in the future giving the underdogs a shot. This story takes place in Russia with an old NYC detective. It hasn’t been explained as of yet how he ended up there, but the story is pretty stand up so far. Looking forward to the second issue. Red Winter #1

Justice League #3 Justice League #3 thus far has been quite awesome! I’ve been very impressed with this book so far. I’ve never been into Justice League before, but I’m hooked now. The Art is amazing.

BatMan 50, was weak. For such a fantastic series this issue of the wedding was a huge let down. Not in the fact that it didn’t happen, but in the fact that it was a montage of rubbish. I feel ripped off. I just hope that whatever comes after this that they return to the book that we have all grown to expect.

Project Superpowers #0 was an awesome introduction! The artwork is amazing. I read the other runs of this, but this intro seems to take it up a notch. The concept behind Project Superpowers is amazing, they have taken Golden Age characters and revived them, crafting compelling stories.

Hunt For Wolverine: Weapon Lost #3 (of 4) was a good story. I didn’t know about the reavers creating a clone of Wolverine, but it kinda resembles Deathlok a bit as well. I think I remember a cover that was almost like a hybrid of Wolverine and Deathlok. Perhaps that was the story. Who knows. Anyway this issue was pretty good. My one major complaint would be the artwork on the last page. The cheap photoshop effect over a real photo. Just lazy artwork.

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