From the Pull List: June 20th 2018

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From the Pull List: June 20th 2018

This weeks books, I’ll review them in the comments after I read them:

  • Batman: Prelude to the Wedding: Red Hood vs. Anarky #1
  • X-Men Gold #30 (Because David Marquez – Comic Book Artist is awesome)
  • Justice League #2
  • Amazing Spider-Man #801
  • Batman #49
  • Daredevil #604
  • Gideon Falls #4
  • Hunt For Wolverine: Claws Of A Killer #2 (of 4)
  • Shadowman #4
  • Tony Stark: Iron Man #1
  • The Wild Storm #14

Batman: Prelude to the Wedding: Red Hood vs. Anarky #1 was okay, not bad, but nothing really great either. Still I started on this road towards the Wedding of Catwoman and Batman so I thought I better go in for the full ride.

X-Men Gold #30 I’ve been an X-Men fan since the 80s and I’ve read just about everything up until we reached the mid 90s when comics really turned to… well crap. How could I miss Peter and Kitties wedding? It’s something that has always been in the works and it felt like I was reconnecting with old friends. What a shock… just totally unsuspected, but nicely done how it didn’t happen. And then of course the spoiler of Gambit and Rogue turning that around. Now I know why the cover was covered for the J. Scott Campbell variant cover. Still it was nice to catch up but I still won’t be collecting any x-men books. Not when there is like so many different X-books and too many continuity errors that you need to constantly have to check the internet for things to make sense.

Justice League #2 I actually liked better than the first one. I wasn’t even sure I would keep reading this, but I’m going to give it a go. So far so good. The speech is a little uptight, like they need more of a human voice in conversation.

Amazing Spider-Man #801 was okay. The beginning dialogue was horrible. It got better. Just a nice send off to end this and start the new run. Still not pleased with the #1 crap, just go #802 already. They’ll never learn it seems. This book was more just a lets be thankful we have Spidey.

Batman #49 was brilliant! This is such a great series. This issue alone was so well written and the art is killer as always. I was all for the wedding up until this point. Now I’m second guessing it, and thinking the Joker might be right. I guess we’ll find out for sure next issue.

Daredevil #604 I disliked. I really don’t like this concept of special trained Templar knights. Look I get that Matt is religious, and that is fine but this storyline is rubbish. Glad to see Wilson on his feet though.

Gideon Falls #4 was good, I still don’t like how messy the art is. I get being edgy for a supernatural type story, but it’s far too busy. Things are building up though as we uncover the secrets of the Black Barn.

Hunt For Wolverine: Claws Of A Killer #2 (of 4) was fun. Guess I was wrong about Dakin getting killed off. Oh well, not that I mind the character, I just feel there are far too many wolverine models. Sabretooth was amazing this issue.

Shadowman #4 was a nice story about the past. I really dug it, the series is coming along and I’m starting to get into it. Still needs a way to go though but it’s a fun ride.

Tony Stark: Iron Man #1 was fine… but it wasn’t good enough to grab me to make me want to read any more of it. Felt like it had no real depth to it. Maybe it’s just me.

The Wild Storm #14 takes us almost onto a side issue to see how other characters from the universe are now doing. The story was fine, the art great, but it felt almost like a filler issue. I guess we will see if it actually is a part of the bigger picture.

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