From the Pull List: November 14th 2018

Comic Review

From the Pull List: November 14th 2018

This weeks books:

  • Mister Miracle #12
  • Gideon Falls #8
  • Daredevil #611
  • Amazing Spider-Man #9
  • White Widow #1

Mister Miracle #12 Alright so this is the end of this run. It was a great series, incredibly done. I loved every issue up until the very last. Like I get that it is being left to interpretation, but it just felt like it was out of place. I don’t know maybe I have to read it again but it just felt odd to me the entire issue.

Gideon Falls #8 This story is coming along and we are starting to see the story lines begin to come closer together. Which is all good, but I also feel like it is being dragged out. Maybe that only comes with the fact that when you read something monthly and it wouldn’t feel like it if you read them one after another. I still dislike the artwork, but the story is pretty good.

Daredevil #611 was decent. I liked the fact that so many characters were out to get DD and that he was herded into a trap. Right up to the point of ending up in Bullseyes sights. Interesting that Mike shows up at the end and saves him. I can already see how this is all going to play out as we all know that DD is going to die. So that means that we are going to be led to believe that he dies when it will actually be Mike. The new team coming up is going to have their work cut out for them and I don’t know how the story will go without DD for however many issues they are going to string us along for.

Amazing Spider-Man #9 works, the story again is just coming along. It doesn’t feel as strong as the previous story but hopefully it will get there. The Black Cat team up is decent, but I don’t feel that they are doing her justice. She seems way more braty then how she has been written in the past year.

White Widow #1 is a kickstarter comic. From all the preview artwork I was really looking forward to this, but then seeing the interior I felt really let down. The story is equally blah to me. In fact I found myself skipping panels as I didn’t even want to read it anymore. I don’t know maybe I’m being too hard on the work done, maybe it gets better?

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