From the Pull List: November 7th 2018

Comic Review

From the Pull List: November 7th 2018

This weeks books:

  • The Wrong Earth #2 and #3
  • Batman #58
  • Justice League #11
  • X-23 #6

The Wrong Earth #2 and #3 Somehow I missed the 2nd issue, but I was able to catch up with this and I’m very glad that I did. This story continues to impress. I really thought that the 4 colour Hero in the gritty world would have a difficult time, but it went into a different direction where he maintains his values and starts to impose them onto this darker universe. On the flip side, the emotional journey that the darker version is having in the 4 colour world is equally impressive where his sidekick is actually alive. This book is a must read.

Batman #58 continues to impress. The way that the Penguin staged everything working off of his experiences from the past with Batman was genius. He knew that Batman would track him down and that he was getting set up, and having his men in place to take out Alfred if needed was a nice touch. This looks like a great start for this arch.

Justice League #11 was dull. Really this book has taken a downturn. Drowned is such a blah storyline and I really hope this is over soon and they don’t drag it out.

X-23 #6 Okay so this is as I would assume an inbetween story. The art wasn’t as strong but it was good enough and suited the style of the story. The story though not really my cup of tea was still decent.

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