From the Pull List: September 10th 2018

Comic Review

From the Pull List: September 10th 2018

This weeks books, I’ll review them in the comments after I read them:

  • Batman: Damned #1
  • The Life Of Captain Marvel #3 (of 5)
  • Return Of Wolverine #1 (of 5)
  • Shadowman #7
  • Amazing Spider-Man Annual #1
  • Batman #55
  • Justice League #8
  • Mister Miracle #11
  • Venom #6
  • The Wild Storm #17

Batman: Damned #1 is the start of DC’s Black Label line. I was really looking forward to this being a darker spin on the stories about our well known characters. I have to say the artwork by Lee Bermejo is gorgeous. It is very well suited for the direction of the Black Label line of books. The story by Brian Azzarello is just there… It’s not bad but it really isn’t anything darker than the regular line. Except for the fact that they start with the Joker being murdered. (maybe) They way it is written is well done, but there wasn’t anything to really grab and hook me. It just didn’t measure up to my expectations. I’m sticking it out as it may just be a slow intro.

The Life Of Captain Marvel #3 (of 5) is still a good book. I love the television like aspect to it. I don’t know why it reminds me of a television show, and each issue being an episode, but it works for me. Whatever you are doing Margaret Stohl keep it up! The artwork by Marguerite Sauvage is well suited for small town america. Totally dig it! I’m really liking this history reveal to the character and filling in the missing pieces. So what is the deal with her Mom? Was she always powered, is she from Kree, is she an imposter that came into the families lives long ago, is she a skrull?

Return Of Wolverine #1 (of 5) is a look through Logan’s eyes as he wakes up with no memory. The story by Charles Soule is alright. I mean it does it’s job, but I’m not taken by it. Of course I want to see where this takes us even if I’m not all that interested. What really had me excited was the fact that one of my favourite artists Steve McNiven would be illustrating it. And then I read the book. Something was not right. Look I’m a huge fan of Barry Windsor Smith as well, but this didn’t feel like McNiven’s work. I get it, you want to branch off and explore your work and try a different style, but while the technique is good, you could tell that it was at a sacrifice. Many times the characters were off model, and the anatomy in some areas and proportions were just not up to the same epic ability that McNiven usually produces.

Shadowman #7 continues to impress me. Andy Diggle keep doing what you are doing! Of course the artwork right now by Renato Guedes is absolutely gorgeous! I’m so impressed by it all. The team is really adding a level of depth the the book that is setting a strong foundation for years to come.

Amazing Spider-Man Annual #1 was actually a really great story told from the symbiote’s point of view by Saladin Ahmed. At first I really hated the artwork by Garry Brown, but as I went through the story I grew accustomed to the style. There are some really nice shots and you can feel the action.

Batman #55 was really good. The dialogue between the characters is really well done by Tom King. But that is no surprise as he has easily become one of my all time favorite writers for comics. Tony Daniel blows me away with his artwork. Simply gorgeous! Bats is still struggling with the fact that he was dumped at the altar, and Grayson is doing a superb job of being there for a friend in need.

Justice League #8 is starting to grab me again. I almost let this book go but the story by James Tynion IV is getting better again. The artwork was damn solid by Mikel Janin. Amazing sense of proportion, perspective, and foreshortening. This story continues with the Batman Metal Joker character guiding Lex, or rather making a deal with Lex. I never read Metal, but I know that many people loved this Mouth of Sauron character.

Mister Miracle #11 was fantastic as always, Tom King’s pacing in this is spot on again and the personality of the characters has you begging for more. The only thing that has me kinda off is the fact that this entire series was quite possibly just a big dream sequence. Mitch Gerads artwork has been consistently solid for this entire run. It is so well done, this series is still one of my favourites.

Venom #6 was okay, I mean I’m not a fan of the 90’s big stupid looking guns, and this was a total throwback to that. Still the story by Donny Cates ends nicely with what appears to be the symbiotes death. How I wish that was actually true as we know that it will return and Eddie will be reunited with it. The artwork by Ryan Stegman is pretty dark and well done.

The Wild Storm #17 is trekking along at a long and slow pace. This is fine for me, but I can see that it may derail other readers. Thus far I’ve really enjoyed the development of this story by Warren Ellis. Jon Davis-Hunt continues to impress with his amazing artwork. Something about that Mobiusesque style grabs me. Still have to say the storyline involving Backlash is my favourite parts of the book, and now that he is going to be looking for Project Thunderbooks children is going to be interesting. Are we going to see the formation of a new team from this?

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