Rogues Gallery Comics Business Card by Duke

Rogues Gallery Comics Business Card

Captain Marvel by Duke

Captain Marvel

Catwoman by Duke


Supergirl by Duke


Storm X-Men by Duke


Black Widow by Duke

Black Widow

Wonder Woman by Duke

Wonder Woman

Spiderman by Duke


Thanos by Duke


Batman vs. Robins by Duke

Batman vs. Robins

Omni Man vs. Homelander by Duke

Omni Man vs Homelander

Daredevil Elektra by Duke

Dare Devil: Elektra

Darth Maul by Duke

Darth Maul

Predator vs. Venom by Duke

Predator vs. Venom (Venomized)

Harley Quinn vs. Punchline by Duke

Batman 92 Unofficial Variant

Booster and Teds Excellent Adventure by Duke

Booster and Ted’s Excellent Adventure

six fan arts by Duke

Six Fan Arts

Rai vs. Old Man Logan by Duke

Rai vs. Old Man Logan

Punk Rock Wonder Woman by Duke

Punk Rock Wonder Woman

Robocop 2020 by Duke

Robocop 2020