Want your own drawing?

I can create custom, hand-drawn traditional or digital artwork.
I reserve the right to scan or photograph the work to show in my portfolio as well as print for sale or use in advertisements.
Pricing depends on the type of commission you are looking to have done, like how many characters, they type of shot such as a head shot or full figure, if there is a background? etc. Due to that it is difficult to put up a set figure for how much it will cost until we discuss the full scale of the work you want done.
That being said one of the common requests I get is headshots on a blank sketch cover. The price for that is typically $150 CAD + shipping.
New is the Sketch Card Option, as of now I have my own custom sketch card available and the price for that is typically $50 CAD + shipping.

Blank Sketch Cover Options

Blank Sketch Card Options

    If you are requesting a commission please fill out your address, phone, and attach any files that you may want to share before hitting submit.

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